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Hawaiian Supermoon Mahealani

Mehealani Supermoon

Behold the Radiant Glow of the Mahealani Moon: Hawaiiian Super Moon

If you only get to see just one astronomical event this year, don’t miss the opportunity to behold the appearance the Mahealani supermoon on the night of November 14, 2016. This rare phenomenon promises to offer one of the most spectacular celestial experiences of a lifetime. On this night, the full moon will be the closest to the earth in 70 years, 14 per cent larger and 30 per cent brighter. Celebrated in mele (songs) and hula dances, the radiant glow of the Māhealani moon is spiritually associated with the legendary beauty and divine essence of the Hawaiian goddess, Hina. In ancient Hawai`i, Māhealani was the moonlit night when kahuna (priests) performed ceremonial lunar rituals and conducted traditional rites of passage.

Kahuna hāhā (diagnosticians) favored Māhealani for conducting health screenings and discovering the cures for disease.

According to kahuna teachings, on the night of Māhealani: E ‘imi aku ‘oe a e loa‘a mai (Seek and you shall find).

Excerpts from the Book:

‘Ano Lani; ‘Ano Honua: A Heavenly Nature; An Earthly Nature – A Spiritual Guide to the Hawaiian Lunar Calendar

HI Tech Meets Ancient Values

Ancient Hawaiian Values Energize High Tech Team The Hawaii Medical Services Association, Hawaii’s, largest health insurer, invited Kahu Silva to be a guest speaker and deliver the invocation opening their Information Technology Department meeting at HMSA’s office on Ke`eaumoku St., Oahu. With customary ceremonial protocol, Kahu performed an honorific oli aloha (welcoming chant) to greet… Continue Reading

Conquering Challenges

Traditional Hawaiian Values Empower Teen Ambassadors Conguering Life’s Greatest Challenges with Aloha Kahu Silva had the pleasure of performing a unique Hawaiian blessing of the members of the Teen Advisory Council Summit gathered at the Hina Mauka care office in Kāne`ohe. The 22 high school students were chosen from all socio-economic levels from every major… Continue Reading

Hawaiian Blessing Helps Companies Thrive

The Hawaii Dental Service (HDS) welcomed the 2015 New Year with Kahu Silva performing a traditional Hawaiian blessing at the HDS offices in downtown Honolulu. Assisting Kahu with the ceremonial pi kai (sprinkling of sea water) sanctification ritual were HDS President & CEO, Mark Yamakawa and Vice President, Kathy Fay. Prior to the blessing, Kahu… Continue Reading

Hawaiian Hero Honored

A Hawaiian Hero Honored Private J. R. Kealoha, a Native Hawaiian soldier is a true hero of Hawai`i for his bravery and willingness to sacrifice his life for a war that was not his own and for a country that he knew little about. It took a long 150 years for this noble son to… Continue Reading

The Chosen Ones

  Kahu Inspires the “Chosen Ones” at the Convening of the Hawaii State Senate Session  (January 30, 2014) Kahu Silva was invited to share some inspirational mana`o (thoughts) at the convening of the Hawai`i State Senate session. Journeying back to “ka wa kahiko” (the days of old Hawaii), Kahu began his presentation with an introduction… Continue Reading

The Hawaiian Value of Lokomaika`i in Service to the Community

PRESS RELEASE Celebrating Goodwill Industries Hawai`i’s 55th Anniversary  (January 27, 2014) In celebration of Goodwill Industries of Hawaii’s 55th Anniversary, Kahu Wendell Silva senior pastor of the Aloha O Kalani Ministry, had the honor of offering the invocation at a luncheon hosted at Washington Place, the historic residence of Hawai`i’s Governors. Inspired to share the… Continue Reading

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