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 Hawaiian Groundbreaking Blessing for Home Renovation

Goundbreaking blessing prior to home renovation

“`O ke Kahua Mamua, Mahope ke Kukulu, a Pau Ka Hale” 

“The Foundation First, then the Building Until the House is Complete”

sacred-fire-element2A ho`omaika`i i ke kahua (groundbreaking) blessing was performed by Kahu Silva for a family before beginning a renovation project of their hale (home) on O`ahu. The dedication included the traditional pi kai ritual sprinkling of Holy waters with accompanying pule kahea (Hawaiian prayer chants) invoking the Ke Akua (the Divine Source), na `aumākua (the ancestral deities) and na kia`i (the spiritual guardians of the land) to sanctify the premises. As part of every blessing, Kahu invited members of the `ohana (household) to share their mana (spiritual energy). After the blessing, a traditional feast with island foods representing the elements of earth, water, air and fire was prepared to honor the Akua and celebrate the occasion.

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