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Historic Pumping Station Blessing

kakaako-pumping-stationkakaako-pumping-station-600Kaka`ako Pumping Station Opening on Oahu 

September 9, 2016: Kahu Wendell Silva performed a ceremonial re-dedication of the newly restored Kaka`ako Pumping Station on Ala Moana Blvd. Built in 1900, funding for the restoration was made through a Hawai`i State Legislative Grant-in–Aid award to the Pacific Gateway Center (PGC) to create a resource and training center for seniors called Nā Kūpuna Makamae. The formal program of events opened with Kahu Silva offering an oli aloha (welcome chant) to honorifically greet guests. He then shared a beautiful oli ho`āla prayer chant beseeching the heavenly akua (deities) and benevolent `aumakua (ancestral guardian spirits) to bestow their divine grace on everyone in attendance. In accordance with traditional Hawaiian spiritual protocol, Kahu then ceremonially consecrated the historic building with a sacred pi kai (water purification) ritual to the remove the premises of any taboo. Following Kahu`s blessing, representatives of the Nā Kūpuna Makamae board and staff officially opened the facilities with the customary unraveling of maile lei. The festivities concluded Hawaiian style with everyone uniting in a circle as ohana (family) and singing “Hawai`i Aloha.”

Canoe Blessing

Kahu Silva blesses canoe for Hui Lokahi canoe club. Lolo `ana i Ka Wa`a: Imparting Brains to the Canoe & Becoming One with It A rarely seen traditional Hawaiian canoe ho`ola`a (consecration) ceremony called Lolo `ana i ka wa`a (imparting brains to the canoe) was performed by Kahu Silva for the launching of Hui Lōkahi’s… Continue Reading

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