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Unconditional Aloha

Unconditional Love - Aloha

Talking About Aloha… 

Our furry and much cherished members of the ohana – our canine companions – can teach us a big lesson about aloha. Our faithful pals give us the purest form of love  – unconditional love. They are always eager to please and their antics make us happy and healthy. How could these creatures that according to the law of the land, are merely considered property like a shoe, have risen to such a level that they’re able to naturally and freely share the highest form of love with us? Humans , the most highly evolved creatures on earth, always struggle with expressing genuine unconditional. That’s the paradox.

Our kuleana (responsibility) is to love, care for and protect all members of our family including our dogs, our pets and all defenseless creatures against all forms of animal cruelty especially puppy mills in Hawai`i and beyond. Lets hope and pray that our laws will ascend to the height of our beloved dogs and reflect that they are intelligent, living, breathing creatures with feelings who deserve our compassion, our kokua (help) and full support.

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