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Learning Life Strategies, Finding Your True Potential & Living a Balanced, Harmonious & Inspired life

These Topics Are Appropriate for Both Personal and Business Applications

Business Success Series:

  • Aloha Power – The Hawaiian Values System: A Traditional Path to Surviving in Business Today – Effective Strategies for Business Owners and Managers.
  • The Spiritual Advantage For Business: Applicable to all types of companies serving all industries – Lawyers, Realtors, Insurance Companies, Health Care Providers, Employment Agencies, Contractors & more.

Self-Discovery & Self-Improvement Series:

  • Traditional Hawaiian Values System: A Path to Business Success
  • Your Hawaiian Birth Sign: A Tool for Self-Discovery
  • Ka Huna O Na Helu Hawai`i – Ancient Hawaiian Numerical Secrets: Discovering Who You Are & Where Youʻre Going
  • Traditional Hawaiian Values System: A Path to Personal Happiness
  • Connecting to Spirit
  • Your Spiritual DNA
  • Spiritual Awakening
  • The Divine Hā – the Breath of Life
  • How to Be in Harmony with the Divine Law of the Cosmos
  • The Law of Attraction – Hawaiian Style: This is not a new idea for Native Hawaiian practitioners. They have been manifesting what they desire for centuries long before the idea became popular in the “Secret.”

Hawaiian Culture & Heritage Immersion Series

  • The Secret Meaning of Aloha
  • Ka Lei: Symbol of Aloha – Hawaiian Lei Giving Cultural & Spiritual Traditions
  • The Lū`au as a Hawaiian `Ohana (Family) Tradition
  • Ai Kapu – Sacred Hawaiian Food, Their Spiritual Symbols and Taboo
  • Early Hawaiian Wedding Traditions, Rites & Ceremonies
  • Hawaiian Ceremonial & Royal Protocol
  • Kaona: The Hidden Meanings in Hawaiian Music & Chant: A Musical Presentation
  • Ancient Hawaiian Traditions and Biblical Parallels
  • The Ahi Kapu (Fire Taboo) of the King Kalakaua Dynasty
  • Hawaiiʻs Tourism – A Two Way Street

Musical Presentation:

The Evolution of Traditional Hawaiian Songs – A unique and entertaining blending of narrative and song.

How Do I Attend or Schedule a Presentation with Kahu Silva?

Hawaii Cultural Services schedules speaking engagements, workshops, and lectures on specific dates, times and locations. These may be open to the public or by invitation only depending on the topic discussed and other variables.

Another very popular opportunity is for you to make the choice. People enjoy attending these presentations with people that they have connections with whether family, friends, business associates, co-workers, or club members. These groups share things in common, and the atmosphere is comfortable and casual. This approach works especially well when the presentation includes hands on or team activities and is perfect for the entire staff of a company to participate in.

Many of these topics in an abbreviated format, have been presented as the openings to business conventions and conferences. Greeting guests with aloha and genuine Hawaiian hospitality creates a wonderful sense of place and is an uplifting beginning to all special events.

How Does this Work?

For Small & Intimate Groups:

We invite you to serve as a coordinator and to gather your special group of between 10 and 15 people, choose a topic from our workshop list and select a place that your group will feel most comfortable – a home, conference room, under a tree in the park or any other facility. Plan for a 2-hour session with a lunch break. We like to keep it simple so we suggest a brown bag/bento lunch but feel free to plan what your group prefers – picnic in the park, potluck at your house. The day and time would have to be within the timeframes that Kahu Silva is available. If there is a workshop fee, you the coordinator will receive a reduced rate. The more attendees you gather, the greater the discount!

For Larger Groups, Conferences & Conventions: Give us a call or send email.


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