What Are the Main Tenets, Guiding Principles & Core Values of Kahuna Teachings?

Three Fundamental Tenets: 

  • All of creation originated from a divine celestial energy source.
  • All existence is a manifestation of the energy of the Divine Creator.
  • Humans are spirit beings comprised of matter and mana (divine energy).

Three Guiding Principles:

Our Guiding Principles are Based on the Hawaiian Values System Especially the Concept of PONO (Righteousness):

  • Ike Pono – Know What is Right:
  • A kahuna must only do what he or she has been properly trained to do.
  • Kokua No Ka Pono o Ka Po`e – Support the Spiritual Well-being of People:
  • A kahuna’s main mission is to serve humanity righteously.
  • Ho`opono – Do What is Good and Right:
  • A kahuna is trained to help others not to harm.

Five Core Values:

Our core values are embraced in the hidden meaning of the Hawaiian concept of “ALOHA” (Unconditional Love) as described in the following acrostic:

A stands for `ala which means to be alert and watchful. `Ala (being watchful) enables one to behold the divine nature of Ke Akua, (God) in all existence and helps one to discover and understand some of the hidden mysteries of the universe.

L stands for lokahi meaning unity to be expressed with harmony. Lokahi conveys the concept of being united in body, mind and spirit and living in harmony with the order of the universe.

O – stands for `oia `i`o meaning truth and honesty. The combined form of the Hawaiian words `oia (truth) and `i`o (the substantive essence), the term `oia`i`o translates as the absolute or plain truth. Traditionally, the ancient Hawaiian kahuna perceived `oia `i`o (the essence of truth) as the fundamental nature of reality.

H stands for ha`aha`a meaning humility. A reduplicative of the term ha`a which means (low, lowly), ha`aha`a, is one of the more commonly used Hawaiian words to express humility, meekness and unpretentiousness. Genuinely demonstrating consideration for others was considered an important part of the traditional Hawaiian kahuna training.

A stands for ahonui meaning patience. Formed from the root words aho (breath) and nui (great) or loa (long), ahonui literally translates in English as a great or long breath. The term ahonui figuratively describes an ancient breathing technique requiring the holding of the breath for a prolonged period of time that was used by the early Hawaiian kahuna to prepare for ritual, prayer and meditation.

Photo of Buddhist Temple with Dalai Lama Quote, "My Religion is Very simple. My religion is Kindness."

We Are Universal in Thought & Spirituality

Although culturally and ethnically we identify as Native Hawaiian and our expertise and emphasis is our Native Hawaiian cultural teachings, we want to clarify are actually universal in thought and practice. This means that we are ecumenical or very accepting of other spiritual beliefs and philosophies. In fact, members of our board of directors and followers of our non-denominational Hawaiian ministry include individuals of the Buddhist faith. We fill a special niche for those who also share the beliefs of more then one religion or who are more spiritual than religious which seems to be a growing trend. We don’t wish to delve too deeply about that here on our company site. Our ministry website is better suited for that.

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