What is a Kahuna?

Derived from the root word kahu meaning keeper, custodian, guardian, administrator and the nominalizing suffix na, the Hawaiian word kahuna translates into English as priest, minister, or expert in any profession; and to act as a priest or expert. Traditionally, the term kahuna generically referred to a learned person who possessed specialized skills and expertise in a professional field of study. In the days of old Hawai`i, the kahuna were considered the scholarly equivalent to the academic doctorates of our time. Highly respected as master practitioners of their art or craft, they represented a very powerful elite class within the overall hierarchy of early Hawaiian society. The kahuna were acknowledged as the official keepers of the ancient knowledge and profound wisdom of the early Hawaiians.

Are There Various Kinds of Kahuna?

I ka wa kahiko, (in the ancient times), there were many kinds of kahuna experts. Each kahuna was uniquely defined and identified by a descriptive Hawaiian term specifying the individual’s professional qualifications or particular area of expertise. There were many types of kahuna include kahuna kalai wa`a (canoe carver) kahuna ho`okelewa`a (navigator), kahuna ho`oulu `ai (agriculturist), kahuna hāhā (diagnostician), la`au lapa`au (herbal doctor), kahuna ha`iha`i iwi (bone setting expert, chiropractor), kahuna ho`ohānau (midwife) kahuna kuhikuhi pu`uone (architect), kahuna nānā uli, (meteorologist), kahuna `anā`anā (sorcerer) kahuna pule (prayer expert, priest, shaman), kahuna kaula (prophet or seer), et al.

What Our Logo Symbolizes

  • Aloha
  • The POWER of 4: Four (EHA): the most spiritually significant number:
  • Four elements of life & nature: Earth, Wind, Water, Fire and Man in the center, the 5th element
  • Four corners & directions of the Earth
  • Four levels of the Hawaiian strata
  • Four major ancient Hawaiian gods
  • The Triune or Trinity – Father, Son & Holy Spirit – our Christian foundation – in unity with man
  • The central connecting point or heart & spirit (mana).
  • The converging of the spiritual world and the material world in perfect balance and harmony
  • Individuals from different cultures, heritage and beliefs from the 4 corners of the earth uniting in LOKAHI (unity – one mind, one heart and one spirit) in complete harmony in the practice of the Hawaiian Value System in every aspect of their personal, professional or business lives
  • Family members living in peace, harmony and happiness with each other
  • Business “family” working together in unity and harmony for a common good and goal
  • The native ulu (breadfruit) leaves symbolize nourishment, healing and care for the “flowers” of the land – a metaphorical Hawaiian term for the “children” of our land who are our future, all the people of Hawaii and all the people of the world – we are one family
  • Green symbolizes life, birth, growth, nourishment
  • Yellow symbolizes the sun – the warmth of the aloha spirit, Hawaiian hospitality & happiness

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