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The Chosen Ones



Kahu Inspires the “Chosen Ones” at the Convening of the Hawaii State Senate Session 

(January 30, 2014) Kahu Silva was invited to share some inspirational mana`o (thoughts) at the convening of the Hawai`i State Senate session. Journeying back to “ka wa kahiko” (the days of old Hawaii), Kahu began his presentation with an introduction of the Hawaiian concept of “koho ‘ia” as a traditional value. He explained that “koho `ia” means “to be chosen or elected” and that many early Hawaiians held the belief that certain persons were inherently blessed with or acquired unique gifts, talents and natural skills called mana (a mysterious non physical energy) originating from a divine source.

Kahu Opens Legislature

Kahu indicated that these individuals were referred to as “ka po`e i koho ‘ia” (the chosen ones) and “considered especially favored by the gods and that in ancient Hawai’i, to be chosen for an important responsibility or beneficial purpose was perceived as a great privilege and high honor.”

Encouraging all of the lawmakers to always use their mana wisely for a higher purpose and the greater good of Hawai`i’s people, Kahu shared this special message, “as ka po`e i koho ‘ia (Hawaii’s elected representatives), it is their primary duty to make judicious choices and righteous decisions.”

Kahu graciously concluded his opening remarks with the offering of his best wishes, spiritual blessings and the customary exchanging of aloha.




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