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Kahu Silva’s Message About 2013 – Prepare for A Bright & Successful Future

Happy 2013 To the World!

Happy New Year 2013 Hawaiian Leis

Ho`omakaukau No Ka Makahiki Hou 

(Preparing for the 2013 New Year)

Kahu’s Message:

The Year 2013 Offers the Promise of a Bright & Successful Future

 Review your Past, Assess Your present, and Optimistically Move Forward to Prepare for Success in the Year Ahead

 Eono (6) The Mystical Number

The 2013 calendar year is numerically equated with eono, the number six (6). Six is spiritually identified with the Hawaiian deity Lono, the god of agriculture, peace and fertility who is also revered as the patron of the annual Makahiki harvest festival.

 “E `Olu`olu i ka Mea Loa`a”

(Be Content with the Blessing Life Brings)

Eono is a year to savor and enjoy the fruits of one’s labor.

 Eono is Equated with Three Key Hawaiian Concepts:

  • Ho`onui Aku i ka Holo Ana (Positive Momentum)
  • Holo Mua (Significant Progress)
  • Holo Le`a (Achieving Success)

Kahu’s Advice:

  • Proceed with Your Plans
  • Celebrate Your Accomplishments
  • Strive to Attain Your Immediate Goals and Longterm Aspirations

Kahu’s Personal Guidance:

  • Pause, relax and reaffirm ties with your family and friends.
  • Travel over water to relieve your stress and burdens.
  • Practice a healthy lifestyle: eat a well balanced diet, follow a regimen of physical exercise, meditate, and live in an environment that is uncluttered and peaceful to improve your overall physical and mental well-being.
  • Remodel and re-decorate your home to create the warm and peaceful sanctuary you wish.
  • Create love, happiness and beauty in your life and share it with family, friends, associates and strangers.
  • Share the blessings you’ve received with the less fortunate.

Kahu’s Predictions:

  • During the year your outstanding work efforts will receive recognition and career advancements are possible.
  • Someone from the distant past may re-enter your life, influence your present and affect your perspective toward the future.
  • A benevolent gesture or gift from a generous benefactor brings you unexpected blessings.

 Hāu`oli Makahiki Hou! (Happy New Year!)




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