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Who You Are – Your Hawaiian Birth Sign

Kou Ho`ailona Hānau (Your Hawaiian Birth Sign)

The Hawaiian Birth Signs included serve as a general indicator of the unique characteristics and personality traits for those born in each of the various lunar months in Hawai`i. The order of lunar months are formatted for reference purposes to correspond with the months of the solar calendar which is used in Hawaii today. Although the lunar calendar is specifically associated with the island of Hawaii, it is applicable to all of the islands in the Hawaiian archipelago.

Māhoe Mua – (August)

If today is your birthday, according to the Hawaiian lunar calendar, your birth month is Mahoe Mua, which is the equivalent to the solar calendar month of August.

General Description

The month of Mahoe Mua (the first twin) is the tenth month in the Hawaiian lunar calendar and is equated with the element of fire and spiritually identified with the major Hawaiian deity, Kāne. Kāne, the god of creation is associated with sunlight – a primary source of life.

Character Traits

Those born in the month of Mahoe Mua tend to be blessed with innate wisdom and practical insights that allow them to get to the heart of a matter, resolve a problem, make the most of a situation and bring out the best in other people. They are known for their sense of pride, courage, loyalty, trust and leadership qualities. Noble in spirit and fierce in battle they prefer to be the rulers of their domain. Mahoe Mua people are usually protective and caring in nature. They generally make devoted spouses, affectionate parents and excellent guardians of their families, loved ones and friends.

Monthly Forecast

The month of Mahoe Mua (August) marks the beginning of a new chapter in the book of life. It represents a time of transition from the past and present into the future realm of the unknown. Mahoe Mua offers an excellent opportunity to learn, grow and develop potentials in preparation for upcoming life experiences and adventures. However, one must always be aware that the journey on the path of life is also filled with uncertainties, challenges and changes. A positive approach is the key to attaining material and spiritual success.

Famous People Born in Māhoe Mua

Duke Kahanamoku – Aug. 24, 1890, Five-time Olympic medalist in swimming Hawaiian surfing icon, actor, sheriff of Honolulu, Hawaii.

Presidents Born in August

  • Barack Obama – Aug. 4, 1961
  • Bill Clinton – Aug. 19, 1946
  • Lyndon B. Johnson – Aug. 27, 1908
  • Herbert Hoover – Aug. 10, 1874

Actors & Singers Born in August

  • Charlize Theron – Aug. 07, 1975
  • Michael Jackson – Aug. 29, 1958
  • Dustin Hoffman – Aug. 8, 1937
  • Whitney Houston – Aug. 9, 1963
  • Robert DeNiro – Aug. 17, 1943

Other Famous Māhoe Mua People

  • Lisa Ling – Aug. 30, 1973, Journalist
  • Julia Child – Aug. 15, 1912, French Chef
  • Leo Tolstoy – Aug. 28,1828, Author of the novel War and Peace
  • Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte – Aug. 15, 1769
  • Louis Vuitton – Aug. 4, 1821, Fashion Designer
  • Mary Shelley – Aug. 30, 1797, British author of Frankenstein.

Hawaiian Proverb for Māhoe-mua (August)

“Kau ka lā i ka lolo, ho‘i ke aka i ke kino.”

(When the sun shines over the head, the shadow retreats into the body.)

The time an individual is in complete harmony and in oneness with the universe.

– Pukui, Olelo No‘eau 1611, pg. 174

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