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Welehu – A Time to Make A Fresh Start in Your Life

Graphic Message: New Beginnings, Make A Fresh Start

Welehu – (November)

Ho`okumu Hou – Make a Fresh Start, Establish A New Beginning &

Create A New Future!

General Description

If you’re born in November, your Hawaiian lunar calendar birth month is Welehu which is the first month of the Hawaiian lunar calendar. It marks the approach of ho`oilo, (rainy season) in Hawai`i. Usually a stormy month, it was a time in old Hawai`i when people normally had little else to do except rest after several months of hard work to enjoy the fruits of their labor in natureʻs bounty. It is best known for the beginning of the annual Makahiki a four-month long  season which today is celebrated with a festival featuring traditional Hawaiian games and feats of strength and skill which was a serious practice in ancient times to keep the warriors in top shape.

Character Traits

People born in Welehu tend to be independent thinkers, possess creative minds and powerfully magnetic personalities. Their great sense of humor and skill of rhetoric enables them to easily win friends and influence people. Hard working and very productive, they make excellent community leaders.

Monthly Forecast

Welehu traditionally is the start of a new cycle of the Hawaiian annual lunar calendar. It ushers in an interval of huliau (change) and a period of transition from the old to the new. Welehu offers an excellent opportunity for exploring ways to celebrate the best of who you are, to share what you have successfully accomplished and to affirm your spiritual and material oneness with the divine order of the universe. It is a good time to let go of your past, assess the present, set goals for the future and make a plan to achieve them. Focus your energies on developing your talents, skills and abilities and you will maximize your potential for success. Faith will guide your way on the path of life and enable your dreams to become a reality.

The key inspirational message for the month of Welehu is:

Ho`okumu Hou – Establish a New Beginning

Monarchs of Hawai`i born in Welehu – November:

1797 – Liholiho, King Kamehameha II

1836 – King David Kalākaua


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