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Nana March Hawaiian Lunar Birth Sign


Nana – Hawaiian Lunar Birth Sign For March

If today is your birthday, according to the Hawaiian lunar calendar, your birth month is Nana and corresponds to the solar calendar month of March.

General Description

Nana translates in English as “floating” and reflects the buoyant properties of water – the element essential to all life on earth. The month of Nana traditionally signals the ending of ho`oilo, the wet season and announces the approach of spring in Hawai`i.

Personal Character Traits

Nana is a highly auspicious month in which to be born. Like the still water that runs deep, Nana natives are traditionally spiritually blessed with papalua (second sight) and special hō`ailona (divination) powers. They are often gifted with talent especially in the realm of na hana no`eau (the performing arts) and enjoy sharing their creative skills with others.

According to traditional accounts, those born under the influence of the Hawaiian lunar birth sign of Nana tend to be:

  • Very Observant – `I`ike
  • Intuitively Perceptive – `Ike ho`omaopopo
  • Highly Insightful – `Ike kuhohonu
  • Seekers of Wisdom & Truth – `I`mi na`auao a me ka `oia`i`o
  • Profound in their Knowledge – He kanaka hohonu o ka `ike
  • Highly Artistic – No`eau
  • Sensitive Emotionally – Pihoihoi
  • Romantic – Ho`ipo`ipo
  • Kind hearted – Lokomaika`i
  • Fond of animals –Hanai a huhu

He Mana’o Maika`i no ka Mahina o Nana – March

(An inspirational thought for the month of Nana – March)

Nānā ka maka; ho`olohe ka pepeiao; pa`a ka waha.

Observe with the eyes, listen with the ears, shut the mouth. Thus one learns.

Monthly Forecast –It’s a Good Time To:

  • Empower the spiritual self – Ho`omana i ke kino aka
  • Balance emotion with reason – E Kaohi `oe I kou na`au a me kou mana`o
  • Set Parameters for oneself – Kaupalena iho
  • Enjoy the comforts of life – Ho`onanea i na mea `olu`olu
  • Initiate Creative Endeavors – Ho`ono`ono`o Hana

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