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Makali`i Birth Sign (December) – Your World is Your Own To Make

Makali`i – (December)

If today is your birthday, according to the Hawaiian lunar calendar, your birth month is Makali`i which corresponds to the solar calendar month called December.

General Description

Makali`i, the second month of the Hawaiian lunar calendar, is named for a cluster of seven stars that is also known in Hawaiian as Ka Huhui Hōkū and in English as the constellation Pleiades. It heralds the arrival of the ho`oilo (rainy) season in the islands. The celestial rising of Makali`i in the eastern skies at sunset signaled the official start of the annual Makahiki festival. Ceremonially held in honor of Lono, the Hawaiian god of agriculture, Makahiki was a four-month long period of celebrating the blessings of life, giving thanks, feasting, and sharing ho`okupu (gift offerings). It was a special time of year during which peace, harmony and good will prevailed throughout the islands.

Personal Character Traits

According to Hawaiian tradition, those born under the Hawaiian lunar birth sign of Makali`i are distinguished by the qualities of their optimism, frankness, sincerity and their strong sense of justice. They tend to be very down to earth, practical, honest, compassionate and humane. Extremely hard workers who exercise sound judgment, they are especially appreciated for their loyalty, energy and creative enterprise. Empowered with a considerable strength of will, they are naturally inclined toward enjoying their independence and insist on handling their affairs in their own way. They are ideally suited for positions of authority.

Monthly Forecast

In the days of old, Makali`i was traditionally a time for reaffirming family ties, renewing friendships, making new acquaintances and enjoying the company of relatives and friends. Makali’i brings forth a month long period of gestation and a time for assimilating the accumulation of knowledge and learned experiences acquired from the past. It is generally considered a good time for developing the creative insights and consciously maximizing the potentials that a person needs to successively achieve desired goals and objectives. Reconciling the power of the physical desire with the strength of the spiritual will are the keys that will unlock the doors to unlimited opportunities that await. The month of Makali’i provides a unique window in time for looking ahead and enjoying a glimpse into the promising realm of the future.

The Key Inspirational Message for People Born in Makali`i – December:

“The World that You Envision is the One that Remains Yours to Create.”

Famous Hawaiians Born in Makali`i:

Great Leaders & Visionaries:

King Kamehameha V: (1830-1872), His motto: “Onipa`a“: (Immovable, firm, steadfast, determined); he worked diligently for his people and kingdom and especially in reviving the hula.

Princess Bernice Pauahi Pākī Bishop: 1831-1884 She was devoted to educating her Hawaiian people. “E Ho`omau Ana I Ka Ho`oilina O Hawai` i” (Perpetuating our Hawaiian Heritage)

Queen Kapiolani: (1834-1899), Consort of King Kalākaua. Her motto: “Kulia I ka Nu`u.” (Strive for the Highest)

Other Famous People:

Chang Apana: (1871-1933), Honolulu detective and inspiration for fictional detective Charley Chan for which over 100 movies were made in the 1930ʻs to 1950ʻs.

Konishiki Yasokichi (Saleva’a Fuauli Atisano’e): (1963 – ), First non-Japanese sumo wrestler to reach the second highest rank in the sport.

Bette Midler (The Divine Miss M): (1945 – ), American singer-songwriter, actress, comedian. Two-time Academy Award nominee, 3-time Grammy winner, 4 Golden Globes winner, 3 Emmy Awards, 1 Tony Award. Over 30 million albums sold worldwide.




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