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Your Hawaiian Birth Sign For October

Ikuwa - October Hawaiian Lunar Birth Month

‘Ikuwā – (October)

If today is your birthday, according to the Hawaiian lunar calendar, your birth month is `Ikuwā, which translates in English as “noisy or clamorous.”


Hawaiian War god KuGeneral Description

`Ikuwā is named for the roar of the surf, the crash of thunder, and clamor of violent storms that usually occur during the month. It is a time when the voices of the gods are heard resounding in the elements. `Ikuwā represents the twelfth of the Hawaiian lunar calendar and marks the ending of the kau wela (summer) season. The month of `Ikuwā is spiritually identified with the Hawaiian deity (upright) the god of war who is equated with male generating powers. It also traditionally signals the coming of the annual Makahiki season a four month period observed in honor of Lono the god of fertility, agriculture, rain and peace. During this time the people rested and engaged in prayers and rituals dedicated to Lono. Warefare was forbidden and to keep their skills sharp warriors would challenge each other in games of spearthrowing, boxing and racing.

Ocean storm represnting Hawaiian god KuCharacter Traits

Individuals born under the Hawaiian birth sign of `Ikuwā possessed loud voices, the gift of eloquence and the power of persuasion. Naturally blessed with an innate ability to balance reason and emotion, they make excellent diplomats as well as influential leaders. `Ikuwā people tend to be highly intelligent, very intuitive and often idealistic. They always strive for peace, harmony and happiness and are usually good judges of character, make great politicians and are champions of liberty, equality and justice for all.

Monthly Forecast

`Ikuwā traditionally ushers in a waiting period, a time to ho`omaha iki (stop), nānā i kou maka (look) and ho`olohe i kou pepeiao (listen) before proceeding further on the path of life. The month of `Ikuwā offers an excellent opportunity to reflect on the nature of reality and assess the reality of nature. It is a time to pause, tune in to the cosmic consciousness and become one in synch with the natural order of the universe. Meditation techniques may help you to focus, empower your mind, achieve harmony, acquire wisdom and attain enlightenment. Remaining centered and optimistic will help move toward a successful future in a continually evolving world.

The key message for those born in the `Ikuwā:

“Go with the flow”


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