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The Foundation First, then the Building

Kaulua- February

If Your Hawaiian Birth Sign is Kaulua… 

“The Foundation First, then the Building”

 General Description

Kaulua or “double hulled canoe” in English, is one of the many names for the star Sirius. The month of Kaulua marked the height of ho`oilo (wet season) a time when the `anae mullet fish spawned in the islands.

Personal Character Traits

Kaulua individuals symbolize the duality of man as a spirit being embarking on a journey of discovery on the sea of destiny.

  • Idealistic – Ka mea e `imi ana i kana mea i kuko nui ai.
  • Romantic – Ho`ipo`ipo
  • Generous – Manawale’a
  • Humane – Lokomaika`i
  • Good Providers – He mea ho`olako
  • Naturally perceptive -`Ike ho`omaopopo
  • Enigmatic (Puzzling) – Ho`onanenane
  • Capricious – Loli mau ke `ano o ka no`ono`o
  • Seeker of wisdom & truth – Imi na`auao a me ka `oia`i`o

An excellent opportunity for reflecting upon the spiritual, cultural and personal moral values that form the basis for building a fulfilling life and successful future.

 He Mana’o Maika`i no ka Mahina o Kaulua – February

(An inspirational thought for the month of Kaulua -February)

O Ke Kahua Mamua, Mahope Ke Kukulu

“The Foundation First, Then The Building.”

 Kaulua Is A Good Time To:

  • Think constructively – Mana`o pono
  • Balance reason and emotion – E Ka`ohi `oe i kou mana’o a me kou na’au
  • Set parameters for oneself – Kaupalena iho
  • Exercise fiscal constraint – Ho`omakauli’i
  • Build a foundation for the future – Ho`okahua
Famous People of Hawaii Born in Kaulua:

Robert William Kalanihiapo Wilcox: (February 15, 1855 – October 23) 1903), Soldier, politician. Mother was descendant of Maui royalty, his father from Rhode Island. Hawaiian King David Kalākaua sent Wilcox to study at a military academy in Italy in 1881. Wilcox later led uprisings against the Kingdom of Hawai`i and the Republic of Hawai`i. In1900 he was elected the first delegate to the United States Congress for the Territory of Hawaii.








Bethany Meilani Hamilton: (February 8, 1990- ) USA Professional surfer. Survivor of an attack by a 15 ft tiger shark in 2003 at the age of 13 in which her left arm was completely severed. Courageously overcame her injury and returned to professional surfing winning or placing high in several surf competitions. In April 2011, the feature film Soul Surfer was released based on her autobiography.



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