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Hawaiian Supermoon Mahealani

Mehealani Supermoon

Behold the Radiant Glow of the Mahealani Moon: Hawaiiian Super Moon

If you only get to see just one astronomical event this year, don’t miss the opportunity to behold the appearance the Mahealani supermoon on the night of November 14, 2016. This rare phenomenon promises to offer one of the most spectacular celestial experiences of a lifetime. On this night, the full moon will be the closest to the earth in 70 years, 14 per cent larger and 30 per cent brighter. Celebrated in mele (songs) and hula dances, the radiant glow of the Māhealani moon is spiritually associated with the legendary beauty and divine essence of the Hawaiian goddess, Hina. In ancient Hawai`i, Māhealani was the moonlit night when kahuna (priests) performed ceremonial lunar rituals and conducted traditional rites of passage.

Kahuna hāhā (diagnosticians) favored Māhealani for conducting health screenings and discovering the cures for disease.

According to kahuna teachings, on the night of Māhealani: E ‘imi aku ‘oe a e loa‘a mai (Seek and you shall find).

Excerpts from the Book:

‘Ano Lani; ‘Ano Honua: A Heavenly Nature; An Earthly Nature – A Spiritual Guide to the Hawaiian Lunar Calendar

Royal Procession for `Iolani Palace VIPs

Greetings of Aloha & Royal Procession for Iolani Palace VIPʻs A Journey Back in Time to the Reign of the Last King of Hawai`i International VIPs gathered at `Iolani Palace to enjoy a historic dinner following an evening tour of the palace and all of it’s grandeur, to commorate the reign of King David Kalākaua… Continue Reading

Boat Blessing

Kahu Silva performed a seldom seen Hawaiian blessing for a boat named Kahuoi at He`eia Kea pier on O`ahu. This sacred ritual is called “lolo ana I ka moku (imparting brains to the boat), was used by ancient kahuna (priests) to consecrate the launching of a new canoe. Today, Kahu Silva also performs this blessing… Continue Reading

Prayer for Warriors

Ka La Kau Pua (Memorial Day) Prayer for Warriors Puowaina – Punchbowl National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific Memorial Day is traditionally called Ka La Kau Pua or Decoration Day in Hawaii. It is observed in the islands as a day to remember the loss of loved ones and to honor the memory of those… Continue Reading

Spiritual Gathering

Welcoming the Divine Light – Aloha E Ka `Ahahui La`akea On March 2nd, 2013, Kahu Silva greeted the spiritual leader and representatives of the `Ahahui La`akea (Divine Light Association) of Japan. Dedicated to the learning and perpetuation of na mea Hawai’i (things Hawaiian), the `Ahahui La`akea strives to promote and share the indigenous cultural traditions… Continue Reading

Celebrating the Special Gift of a Child the Ancient Hawaiian Way

Congratulations to baby Dorian, mom, dad and grandmother who celebrated Dorian’s piha makahiki (first birthday) in a unique and heartwarming way with Kahu Silva performing a beautiful Hawaiian ho`ola`a baby dedication blessing ceremony on Saturday at Kualoa Regional Park a perfect location traditionally dedicated to peace, aloha and sanctuary. The ho`ola`a ceremony celebrates the precious… Continue Reading

Kahu Silva’s Message About 2013 – Prepare for A Bright & Successful Future

Happy 2013 To the World! Ho`omakaukau No Ka Makahiki Hou  (Preparing for the 2013 New Year) Kahu’s Message: The Year 2013 Offers the Promise of a Bright & Successful Future  Review your Past, Assess Your present, and Optimistically Move Forward to Prepare for Success in the Year Ahead  Eono (6) The Mystical Number The 2013 calendar year… Continue Reading

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