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Grand Opening Ceremony for Starbucks

Kahu performs grand opening blessing for Starbucks

Grand Opening Blessing Ceremony

Gathered in prayer with executives at the newest Starbucks store on O`ahu, Kahu Silva prepares for a private cleansing blessing which was immediately followed by a grand opening blessing to which the public was invited.

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Welehu – A Time to Make A Fresh Start in Your Life

Welehu – (November) Ho`okumu Hou – Make a Fresh Start, Establish A New Beginning & Create A New Future! General Description If you’re born in November, your Hawaiian lunar calendar birth month is Welehu which is the first month of the Hawaiian lunar calendar. It marks the approach of ho`oilo, (rainy season) in Hawai`i. Usually a stormy… Continue Reading

The Secret of the Hawaiian Numbers

The Secret of the Hawaiian Numbers – a Kahuna Legacy Ka huna o nā helu Hawai`i (the secret of the Hawaiian numbers) arrived in the Hawaiian Islands during the migration of the indigenous settlers who sailed aboard their double hulled canoes to Hawai`i over 1,500 years ago. Deeply rooted in the religious teachings of a… Continue Reading

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