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Your Hawaiian Birth Sign for September

painting of Haumea mother of Pele
Haumea (Mother Earth) Mother of the Hawaiian Goddess Pele
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Māhoe Hope (September) Hawaiian Birth Sign

Māhoe Hope – (September)

September Lunar Birth Sign Greeting Card
September Hawaiian Lunar Birth Sign Greeting Card

If today is your birthday, according to the Hawaiian lunar calendar, your birth month is Māhoe Hope, which translates in English as “the last twin.” It is the equivalent of the solar calendar month of September. General Description Māhoe Hope, the eleventh in the Hawaiian lunar calendar marked the official ending of kau wela (summer). The month signaled a time of huliau (change) from the kau (dry) to the ho’oilo (the wet) season in Hawai`i. Māhoe Hope is spiritually identified with Haumea (mother earth) the mother of Pele and who is equated with the life giving aspects of nature.

Character Traits

Those who are born in the month of Māhoe Hope are known to have a special aloha for the ‘aina (land) and a unique kinship with all of nature. They are generally very health conscious, naturopathic and enjoy communing with nature. They tend to be stewards of the environmental natural resources that help to nurture and sustain the existence of all life on this earth. Māhoe Hope people are also noted for their intelligence, inquisitive nature, and keen sense of humor. They have a great respect for ethics, law and order. Metaphorically, they are often compared to the “salt of the earth.”

Monthly Forecast

Māhoe Hope (September) announces that a time of huliau (change) is looming on the horizon. It marks the beginning of a challenging period filled with exciting experiences designed to awaken and stimulate the cosmic consciousness and aid in attaining wisdom and spiritual enlightenment. The month of Māhoe Hope provides an excellent opportunity to balance the powers of the mind, body and spirit and become one in synch with the natural order of the universe. Intuitive insights, a creative mind and innovative thinking will help to prepare for the changes to come as well as guide your efforts toward attaining successful future in a continually evolving world.

Famous People Born in Māhoe Hope

Queen Lili`uokalani

Queen Lili`uokalani – September 2, 1838 to November 11, 1917, Lydia Lili`u Loloku Walania Wewehi Kamaka`eha was the last reigning monarch of the Kingdom of Hawai`i which was overthrown by the United States.



yellow hibiscusHelen Desha Beamer – September 8, 1882 to 1952, Composer, Musician, Singer



senator akaka of HawaiiDaniel Kahikina Akaka, Sr. – September 11, 1924, United States Senator



An inspirational thought for the month of Māhoe Hope

He Mana’o Maika`i no ka Mahina o Māhoe Hope

E lei kau, e lei ho`oilo i ke aloha

Love is worn like a lei (garland) throughout the summers and winters

True love is everlasting

– Pukui, Olelo No`eau 332, pg.40

Who You Are – Your Hawaiian Birth Sign

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