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Kahu Silva blesses employment agency

Staffing Solutions of Hawai`i employment agency president Linda Kracher and her friendly staff helped Kahu Silva perform a traditional Hawaiian blessing for the grand opening of their new Honolulu office.

Kahu Silva was interested to learn that Staffing Solutions uses the Hawaiian values system as their guiding principles for their company. An expert on na mea waiwai a pono (traditional Hawaiian values), Kahu Silva’s upcoming book, Ka Pono Kahiko (the Old Morality) is a comprehensive work covering 52 traditional Hawaiian moral values along with their English language equivalents, linguistic origins, literal definitions, figurative meanings, intrinsic values, cultural relevance and historical contexts. Each attribute was selected primarily for its relative personal and cultural significance from a native Hawaiian perspective. Holistically, they offer treasure trove of knowledge, pearls of wisdom and offer valuable insights into the ethical code of conduct and mana’o pono (moral conscience) of the early Hawaiian.

Linda was so happy with the blessing and insights from Kahu that she commented, “I would love for you to come to our company and be our guest speaker and talk about the Hawaiian culture in business or anything that you feel that is related to business.”

Kahu is always happy to share his knowledge with those eager to learn. It’s times when Kahu is asked to perform a blessing or to be a guest speaker that he is present for one reason but ends up being there for another reason. This is when he is often “divinely” inspired and ends up offering valuable insights to business owners which results in improvements in operations and increases in their bottom line.

“It’s all very spontaneous. I never know what I’ll say and what is revealed is usually only significant to the person that is meant to hear it. People ask me how can I possibly know what I know and all I can say is that it’s Ke akua’s (the Creator’s) at work.”


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