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Kahu blesses students

Welcoming the Divine Light – Aloha E Ka `Ahahui La`akea

On March 2nd, 2013, Kahu Silva greeted the spiritual leader and representatives of the `Ahahui La`akea (Divine Light Association) of Japan. Dedicated to the learning and perpetuation of na mea Hawai’i (things Hawaiian), the `Ahahui La`akea strives to promote and share the indigenous cultural traditions and spiritual ways of the ancient Hawaiians with the people of Japan. Each year, members of the `ahahui raise their own funds and travel to Hawai`i to visit Kahu and enhance their education and study of the Hawaiian culture. During their recent visit to the islands, delegates of the Ahahui La`akea enjoyed the privilege of spending an entire morning with Kahu and learning some of his precious kahuna teachings.

Teaching Hawaiian culture with students from JapanKahu welcomed the opportunity to host the haumāna (students) of Ahahui La`akea and share his mana’o (knowledge) relating to the Hawaiian kahuna belief system and spiritual practices. During their informal gathering with kahu, students learned some of the traditional core values of the early Hawaiian and gained spiritual insights as to their personal relevance. They were also taught the spiritual origins of the  (breath of life) and participated in a demonstration of the ancient kahuna Ha prayer ritual.

As a Hawaiian spiritual guide and resource consultant, kahu looks forward to working closely with the members of La`akea and continuing our mutual endeavors to further the rich culture and heritage of the native Hawaiian people.

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