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Creating A Great Atmosphere for Management and Staff (the Working Ohana Family)

The Hawaii Dental Service (HDS) welcomed the 2015 New Year with Kahu Silva performing a traditional Hawaiian blessing at the HDS offices in downtown Honolulu. Assisting Kahu with the ceremonial pi kai (sprinkling of sea water) sanctification ritual were HDS President & CEO, Mark Yamakawa and Vice President, Kathy Fay. Prior to the blessing, Kahu offered his manao (pearls of wisdom, advice) to members of the HDS management and staff who had gathered for the occasion. He addressed the assembly as a working ohana (family) and described some of the essential elements that helped to define and exemplify the early Hawaiian family lifestyle. Kahu indicated that in order to survive and thrive, the Hawaiian ohana required the exchange of recognition, help and a genuine caring for each other. He encouraged HDS to adopt these ancient Hawaiian familial qualities as fundamental guiding principles for the future and shared the following Hawaiian sayings with the group:

Ike Aku, Ike mai (Recognize & Be Recognized)

Kokua Aku, Kokua Mai (Help & Be Helped)

Aloha Aku, Aloha Mai (Love that is Given is Love that Returns)


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