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Aloha & Welcome!

A Hawaiian Values-Based, Native Hawaiian Owned Company
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What Can You Discover With Us and How Can We Help You?

If you’re interested in learning about or experiencing traditional Hawaiian culture and ceremonies in an authentic way, youʻve come to the perfect place. We can help you learn about, understand and experience:

  • Traditional blessing ceremonies for all that is new and special in your life: marriage, baby, home, your business, landmark events, your land, boat, plane and your furry companions.
  • Spiritual guidance based in Hawaiian tradition.
  • Hawaiian values and how they can help you improve your personal and business relationships.
  • Tools & techniques to help you live a happier, peaceful and meaningful life.
  • Educational cultural & spiritual tours to sacred places on O`ahu.
  • Educational & entertaining products to enjoy and share.

The fastest way to get the help and information you’re looking for is to go to our Contact Us page and email your request. 

What Are Kahuna Teachings?

Kahuna teachings represent the sharing of a precious legacy of esoteric knowledge and spiritual wisdom handed down to kahu from generations of his cherished ancestors. The teachings, information and insights included in this blog are presented for the purpose of educating and enlightening others. They are intended to help further an increased understanding of the traditions of the early Hawaiian people, their unique culture and profound spirituality.

We sincerely hope this website becomes your home and your community – a place to find help, where you can nourish your body, mind and spirit and to learn about our Native Hawaiian culture and values which youʻll find are actually good old family values which we share in common with the family of man.

He Lama Keia Nou! (This is a Source of Light for You!)

Kahu & Sharon Silva

Owners & Managers, Hawai`i Cultural Services/Hawai`i Wedding Associates, LLC


Hawaiian fruitsWhen folks – even strangers – would come to visit, our tutu (Hawaiian grandmothers) would always greet them as soon as they saw their visitors coming down the lane, with a big wave and warm, “Aloha!, “Mai!, Mai!, Hello! Come! Come!” In old Hawai`i, a dearly loved family member or friend would be greeted with a special kāhea (chant of welcome). As soon as the visitors entered, our tutus would always offer them food and drink. Often there was too little to share, but they would always give what little they had even if they had to go without. Taking care of guests first was very important. Our tutu wanted to make sure they were happy, comfortable, content and felt welcome.

This sharing of aloha and Hawaiian hospitality was the custom in every Hawaiian home when we grew up. Unfortunately, welcome chants are customs of the past except for certain special occasions. Today we try to keep these cherished traditions of our kupuna (grandparents, elders) alive and always offer ohana (family), friends, and our clients, something to make them feel welcome and very comfortable. Weʻve had several folks get so comfy and peaceful as they gaze out into our tropical zen garden that theyʻve fallen asleep – which we regard as a compliment. We offer plenty of food and comfort for the soul too.

When you visit youʻll be met by our official greeter Ziggy Aloha, the mellow and happy pom.


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